Friday, August 21, 2009

getting to know you, part two

Cate is 14 months old today.
Here are 14 things about Cate.

1. She loves popsicles.
2. She can nod her head and say "isssss." I'm pretty sure this means yes.
3. She can shake her head to mean no. The shaking is usually accompanied by a big cheesy smile.
4. She says Mamamamamama (that's me), Dadadadadada (that's her dad) and babababababa (that's her bottle).
5. She says uh-oh when she drops something. Actually she only says the oh part. I'm pretty sure she means uh-oh though.
6. She only likes to be held on one of my hips. If I try to hold her in front on my chest/stomach area, she puts her hand on my shoulder and tries to push herself onto my hip.
7. She pants (sometimes sounding a little like she's going to hyperventilate) when she sees something she her mamamamama or her babababababa.
8. She has a top molar currently breaking through.
9. She loves to be outside...especially in the sandbox.
10. She is showing no signs of giving up the morning nap...dangit.
11. She pulls her hair when she's drinking a bottle. If I'm holding her and don't have my hair up in a ponytail, she pulls my hair.
12. She rolls her hands when I say Cate, can you do patty cake?
13. She loves a bath.
14. She wore a onesie today that was labeled size 6-9 months. Maybe she really is going to be my baby forever...or for at least many more months to come.


Ella said...

Did you delete the comment I left on Danny's post? If so I am majorly offended and won't ever go to church again. If not, that's weird. Anyway, I was trying to tell you that I just came across your blog and wanted to confirm with you how cute your kids are. I thought the bips and bip thing was so cute and it's hilarious that he thinks her name is hola. Cate is so adorable, and yeah, her size really threw me off. I did not know she was 14 months old!

Cathy said...

I never delete a comment, Ella. I'm so unpopular that I'm delighted when I get even one. I have no idea what happened. Go ahead and try it again. Please continue to come to church. I would hate for a missing blog comment to lead to your demise. And thank you for confirming the cuteness of my kids. You're very kind to notice.