Sunday, August 23, 2009

getting to know you, part three

This is Dan.
He's 39.
So here's 39 things about Dan.

1. He likes KISS.
2. He does not like olives.
3. He snores. He'll deny it.
4. He is extremely ticklish.
5. He calls me "Love."
6. He calls Cate "Pooker" (pronounced Pooka).
7. Sometimes he calls her Danny.
8. He strongly dislikes the game Scattergories.
9. He likes to push the snooze button.
10. He likes to drink Diet Coke, no ice.
11. He uses toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
12. His dentist was one of his missionary companions.
13. He enjoys roller coasters...riding them and reading about them.
14. He reads the newspaper every day.
15. He hates to wash wooden spoons.
16. He likes to give Danny whisker pie.
17. He read all 7 Harry Potter books this summer in about 5 weeks.
18. He gets sick on the spinny rides at amusement parks. I have to ride them alone.
19. He likes to eat cold pizza and cold meatloaf sandwiches.
20. He does not like mushrooms.
21. He does not enjoy ice skating.
22. He likes to sing karaoke.
23. He does not like it when I leave knives in the dishwater to soak.
24. He has forbidden me to use the electric hedge trimmer ever again.
25. He likes the Jazz.
26. He watched the movie Mama Mia and enjoyed it.
27. He can name all of the presidents of the United States in order.
28. He enjoys playing Scrabble with his mother-in-law.
29. He dressed as the Unknown Comic one year for Halloween when he was a kid.
30. He knows how to properly use a semicolon; I'm pretty sure that I do not.
31. He is a master at the game of Trivial Pursuit.
32. He passed out at the dentist's office once.
33. He entered the MTC exactly 20 years ago today.
34. He does not like hot chocolate.
35. He likes to bench press Danny and Cate (not at the same time).
36. He can't roll his r's.
37. He drinks a glass of orange juice every day with his breakfast.
38. He was allegedly in line with Michael Jackson at Disneyland many years ago. I believe it was the Peter Pan ride. Allegedly.
39. He plays the ukulele.


Dan said...

I'm not the one who denies snoring; you are!

I only threaten to push the snooze button; I do it to rile you.

Nobody should leave knives in the dishwater; it is unsafe.

My fourth grade teacher made us all dress up for the Halloween parade at school. I didn't have a costume, so I put a paper bag over my head. The other kids thought that I'd had a great idea to dress up as the Unknown Comic. (The Unknown Comic was a regular on The Gong Show. He wore a paper bag over his head and told really bad jokes.)

I also passed out when giving blood.

Michael was in line with us; seven others will testify.

I rarely use semicolons.

colds1 said...

I testify to the MJ sighting.

I am really curious about the forbidden trimmer!

Don't you only use semicolons to make the little winking face?

Kevin said...


Cathy said...

To Cindy: I "trimmed" right through 2 extension cords. No more trimming for me.

To Kevin: Thanks for the winky face. I have a post saved as a draft in which I profess my dislike for them. Stay tuned.

To Dan: I love you.

Anonymous said...

I too will attest to Michael Jackson-I am the coolest teacher at school when I pull that one out of my hat, not so much when I confess to wanting to sing with Barry Manilow and/or Donny Osmond. I never use yard equipment, why should John if I know how? John also hates knives in the sink and dishwasher, but since when does he do enough dishes. . .I love the smiley faces, they so help me convey sarcasam in my writing-NOT! ;) I had forgotten the Unknown Comic-Thank youfor the reminder I LOL'd :) Suzy