Thursday, August 20, 2009

getting to know you, part one

Danny is 33 months old today.
Therefore, I give you 33 things about Danny.

1. He likes broccoli.
2. He does not like corn on the cob.
3. He likes tools.
4. He is not a fan of the nursery at church.
5. He thinks his Spanish-speaking nursery teacher's name is Hola.
6. He loves tractors.
7. When you say you're welcome to him, many times he responds with "No, you wup-um to you!" (No, you're welcome to you!)
8. He can identify a square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, star, heart, diamond and hexagon.
9. He can count to ten, then sometimes eleven, twelve and then some mumbly numbers ending in teen.
10. He likes olives.
11. He likes whole strawberries. Don't you dare cut them and expect him to still want to eat them.
12. He has finally figured out how to eat an Otter Pop.
13. He refers to Costco as the pizza store.
14. He likes his Danny and the Dinosaur book.
15. He refers to his Great Aunt Nancy as Nurse Nancy. That's the name of one of his books.
16. He likes to eat "bips and bip" (chips and dip...actually tortilla chips and salsa).
17. He can open the childproof lock on the fridge.
18. He can almost open the childproof locks on the cupboards.
19. He yells, "Mama, mail bime (time)!" when the mailman comes.
20. He loves to watch Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
21. He can identify the letters E, F, I, L, M, O, S, W, X, and Y...most of the time.
22. He likes firetrucks and ambulances.
23. He likes to go to Emo's house (across the street) to get a popsicle.
24. He likes toast.
25. He does somersaults and calls them his "cool trick."
26. He is 71% potty trained.
27. He rubs his stuffed puppies' ears between his finger and thumb when he's sleepy.
28. He tells me I'm getting "ginky buff" (stinky stuff) on him when I lay my head beside him on his pillow at bedtime.
29. He likes to be tickled.
30. He tells me things are too boring lately...a cheese stick he didn't eat and the lotion I was trying to rub on his cheeks.
31. He can identify the signs for Diet Coke and McDonald's. I'm so proud.
32. He calls his baby sister Date or Datie.
33. He tells me I'm his "dest dend" (best friend).

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