Thursday, July 23, 2009


Danny went to the movies tonight. It was his first time. I was a little worried. Sitting still, paying attention and being quiet are not among his strengths at this point in his life. Here's how it all went down.

The Good: Spending time with Grama Bama, Aunt Judy, Cousin Jarrett and Cousin Kris

The Bad: Not being heavy enough to stop the chair from folding him in half

The Ugly: Asking me if we were all done yet...during the previews

The Good: Telling me he needed to visit the restroom

The Bad: Not getting him situated on the toilet correctly before the "stream" began

The Ugly: Bending over to get him situated and having my 3D glasses fall onto the floor, right into the fast flowing "stream"

The Good: Going to the movies instead of cooking dinner

The Bad: Eating popcorn, candy and Diet Coke for dinner

The Ugly: Having a semi-chewed Sour Patch Kid spit into my hand

The Good: Hanging out in the empty arcade while the rest of the family enjoyed the movie

The Bad: Listening to the noise of the video games for who knows how long

The Ugly: Watching Danny touch every joystick, steering wheel and plastic gun in that arcade and wondering how many contagious diseases he was catching

Two more Goods to end with: Seeing Danny looking way-too-cute in his way-too-big-for-him 3D glasses and having the manager guy give me a Rain Check since he could see that I was missing half of the movie.

Maybe Danny will be ready to try again when Ice Age 4 hits the theaters.

Maybe I'll let his daddy take him.

If I have to take him I might need my own prescription for Nitro...instead of just borrowing Grama Bama's.

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Dan said...

The Good: Alone time with Cate.

The Bad: No time to call my mom and wish her a happy birthday. (Sorry Mom.)

The Ugly: Three little poops floating in the bathtub. Cathy didn't get to have all of the fun.