Thursday, July 23, 2009


Me: Danny, who is my mommy?

Danny: Bama Bama
(That's Grama Bama.)

Me: Who is Daddy's mommy?

Danny: Nudder Bama
(That's Another Grandma. Happy birthday today!)

Me: Who is your puppies' mommy?

Danny: Innie Pooh
(That's Winnie the Pooh.)

Me: Who is Winnie the Pooh's mommy?

Danny: Me!

Maybe we need a little lesson about:

1. Only girls can be mommies.
2. Boys are daddies to babies, not bears.
3. Puppies have dogs for mommies, not bears.
4. Winnie the Pooh is a boy so he's a daddy.

Or maybe not.
I'm confused just proofreading that.
I'll just leave well enough alone.

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