Monday, July 27, 2009

cousins and grandmas

We had a few visitors today.

Danny and Cate got to chill with both Grama Bama and Grandma Olds.

Danny got to practice his almost non-existent sharing skills with 4 of his cousins.
(There wasn't much need to share with cousin Rusty.)

Let's do this again some time after November 20th (Danny's birthday) and before December 21st (Kris' birthday).
That way we can have:

one six-year-old (Jarrett)
one five-year-old (Ricky)
one four-year-old (Kris)
one three-year-old (Danny)
one two-year-old (Billy)
one one-year-old (Cate)
and one none-year-old (Rusty)

Thanks for the visit!

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