Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm just dumping a lot of random thoughts here.
It will possibly be t.m.i. but I don't care.
(for Grama Bama: t.m.i. means too much information)

about my sweet baby

This is what happens when she gets pig tails in her hair during the day and no bath at night. That's not even bed head. That's all from the pig tails.

That little owie on her chin is from her newly acquired skill. She pulls herself up (using mostly furniture) to a standing position. It's terribly cute. Sitting back down can be ugly. Hence, the owie. This happened after standing by the window sill in the front room.

about my adorable toddler
He's been wearing these for the past eleven days. Not the same three pairs, of course. They've been changed many, many, many times. (See, this is the t.m.i. part.) I'm sharing because I'm extremely happy about it and I figured Grama Bama would be too.
Enough said.

about my beautiful backyard

It's grass. It's green. It's growing.
That dirt patch in the corner is currently being prepped for the play set.

The dirt patch in this shot is currently being prepped for my garden (the Spring '10 edition). In case you didn't know what the grass looked like before the tilling, weeding, raking and hydro-seeding, here it was last summer.

You decide.
But I still don't care.


Candis Ellis said...

Sorry Cathy, but my jealousy is making me hate you right now. ;)

JCM said...

Cate has wings when her ponytails come out, Danny makes a mess in his underwear, and you guys have an awesome-in-the-making backyard - I love it.

Dan said...

Here's the explanation for last year's backyard --- the sprinklers broke, Cathy laid in bed for a couple weeks, Cate stayed in the hospital for three weeks, the grass was mostly field grass anyway, so I let it die.