Friday, June 12, 2009

the wind

Jarrett and Kris were busy making "chalk sand" today. They rub a piece of chalk on the driveway over and over until it's just a dusty pile. Then they scoop it up, dump it in a bucket and make potions. Cate was busy not staying on the blanket I laid out for her on the grass.

All of a sudden, a little gust of wind blew past and some of Kris' chalk sand was blown away. Here's the conversation that took place next.

Kris: Hey! Who's blowing?

me: Nobody. It's just the wind. You can't stop the wind.

Jarrett: You can if you toot. Then you break it.

Get it? Toot...break wind. Very clever. The best part is that Jarrett was being totally serious. He wasn't even trying to be funny.

So remember, the next time you're playing with chalk sand...

you can't stop the wind...

but you can break it.

The End.


colds1 said...

Cute, cute bum!

JCM said...

You need to be published. You have a knack for mixing words and photos that I think the world needs to start paying you for. And I'll take 20% of the first book's royalties for coming up with the idea :)

Judy said...

I agree with Jenny. I'd pay for this stuff.