Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bed rest

Danny and Cousin Shaelynn
June 10, 2008

This time last year I entered bed rest prison.
It wasn't just the
"take it easy and try not to do too much"
kind of bed rest.
That was the week before.

This was the
"only allowed out of bed to shower or use the bathroom"
kind of bed rest.

It's a year later and I have some questions.

Why did I not enjoy it more?

What's so bad about laying around in bed all day with no responsibilities, no cleaning, no taking care of an 18-month-old, no feeling guilty about wasting time on the computer?

What would I pay to have just an hour of bed rest these days?

Why did I not truly appreciate the mind-numbing addictive enjoyment of facebook?

Why did I not know about all those blogs out there to read?

Why did I not know about hulu and all the t.v. shows I could have been watching on my laptop?

But most of all,
why did I not enjoy it more?

This much I do know.
If I'm ever on bed rest again,
I will enjoy it.

I promise.
And I will make sure my mind is fully numbed by facebook the entire time.

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