Friday, May 15, 2009


Yes, I realize that May Day has come and gone.

I had planned to take some cute pictures of my kiddos dressed in their springish outfits in an attempt partially quench Grama Bama's insatiable thirst for pictures of her favorite grandkids.

Maybe write a little something about flowers blooming and birds singing. Possibly reminisce about the May Day celebration at my old elementary school. Then I remembered that I wasn't chosen to be one of the May pole dancers and was totally devastated by the whole ordeal. You only get one chance. Third grade. That's it. I was left standing with the other rejects, holding a stupid basket of flowers instead. Should third graders really participate in an ancient fertility ritual?


My plans for a May Day message about spring and happiness (not counting the May Day Fiasco of 1982) took a detour.

You know, more like when the pilot in the movies says, "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!" because his plane is going to crash into the water. Kind of like that. Severe distress.

Cate had a doctor's appointment to get a shot for a lingering ear infection. Because of that darned ear infection, she decided to skip her morning nap and just fuss and cry instead.

In typical doctor's office fashion, the only appointment we could have was smack dab in the middle of afternoon nap time.

I came home and took some cute pictures anyway. I'm not sure if Danny was trying to hold her...

wrestle her...

or hug her.

It's two weeks later and I can't for the life of me remember why it was such a distressing day. I just know that it was. It was probably just all the regular annoying things that happen, but magnified because of an extremely unhappy baby.

I was screaming mayday all day.
(not out loud, that would scare the baby)

When both kids were finally asleep for the night, I sent Dan out for the only medicine that would make me feel better. Ben and Jerry's. He got the wrong flavor. I ate the whole thing anyway.

Thanks, Dan.

Thanks for helping me put the
May Day Fiasco of 2009 behind me.

(and add a few pounds to my behind in the process)

p.s. In case you're wondering what the right flavor is,
New York Super Fudge Chunk.


colds1 said...

I love the bum!

Dan said...

I know the right flavor, but the store was out of it.