Sunday, January 19, 2014

Be Kind

"I think probably kindness is my
number one attribute in a human
being. I'll put it before any of the
things like courage or bravery or
generosity or anything else.
If you're kind, that's it."

~ Roald Dahl

I finished reading The Magic Finger to Danny this past week. It's a short one, only 57 pages. His daddy read most of it to him but I got the pleasure of finishing it one night when Dan came home late. I'm glad I did because I found this quote on one of the pages in the back. 

I like it. Like a lot. And I totally agree.

After a few experiences at work this week and more than a few very frustrating moments with Cate before school (I swear if someone would just invent shirts, socks and pants without any seams whatsoever I'd buy them all!) I'm going to focus my all on being more kind. Because pretty much, that's it. Everything else is just gravy as long as you're kind. Maybe. We'll see. I like a good challenge at least. 

And it never hurts to be a good example to your kids right? I won't count because I think I'd be too depressed and I'm sure you'd never guess by looking at his sweet angel face BUT the #2 most frequently said words out of my mouth to my firstborn are "BE NICE TO YOUR SISTER!!" (the #1 being I LOVE YOU, of course...I hope). Please don't tell me stories of how your son is so kind and loving to his little sister because we are working on it and I already feel like a semi-failure. So yeah. 

Here's another quote from Mr. Dahl but I'm not sure I agree with this one half as much seeing as how I loathe summer.

"If I had my way, I would remove
January from the calendar altogether
and have an extra July instead."

Oh, the horrors.


Marisa said...

I have two little brothers. Growing up, we were ALWAYS fighting. My mom, an only child, would be after us constantly to "Be nice to each other!" I remember thinking, "Ugh. She doesn't understand because she never had any siblings."

And now, my kids fight all the time and I am after them constantly to "Be nice to each other!" It's just the way of siblings, I think. It's how they practice interpersonal skills. (It's also super annoying.)

If it helps, my brothers and I are great friends now. :)

colds1 said...

I'm going to take a break from telling the boys to be nice to each other and hop on Amazon to order "The Magic Finger." We haven't read that one!

(I like Cate's hanky!)

Evonne Sell said...

Thank you for always being kind to me.