Saturday, June 1, 2013

the class of 2025

Kindergarten is over. I took Danny's picture next to the tree during the last week of each month (except for March when I totally forgot about it and had to use the picture I took of those two monkeys before church on the 31st!). 

I think he's grown. I sure can tell a difference from the first day to the last.

And not just physically. Kindergarten has been wonderful for him. I was worried when he started because he's a quiet kid around other people until he gets to know them. I worried that he wouldn't talk when the teacher asked him questions. I worried that she wouldn't know how smart he is because he's reluctant to raise his hand with the answers. I worried that he would be too quiet to make a friend. 

I worried a lot until I started volunteering in his classroom several days a week (I hope his teacher never got tired of me because I sure loved being there). It was fun for me to be there and see him. It was nice to get to know the other kids in his class. I loved being able to pretend like I was sort of a teacher again because I miss that sometimes. 

Almost every day after school Dan asked him the same three questions: How was school today? What did you learn? What was the best part of your day?

Almost every time the answers were the same: Good. I don't know. Mommy coming to help. 

His teacher was wonderful. I got the chance to help the kids with rotations every Monday so I kind of got to know most of the other kindergarten teachers too, just a little bit. I have to say that his teacher was perfect for him. I am so happy that he was in her class. I'm crossing my fingers that Cate gets to do the same.

Here's a page from his memory book.

His answers are: being a later gator (that's what they call the afternoon kids), having a teacher and being a friend. 

I think that last one is the best I could ask for. 

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Sell...Party Of 5 said...

I am always impressed when Mom's can take a picture once a month in the same spot. :) I never can remember!

What a cute boy.