Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good intentions

I came up with this great plan. Our summer mornings will be spent reading, writing, learning, cleaning and playing together as a family. Just us. No friends or neighbors or cousins or what have you until after lunch.

I told the kids about it this weekend. They agreed. No playing with outsiders until after the reading and writing and chore stuff was done.


Ha ha ha.

Yesterday was day one of the plan and we did it!

I was so proud of us. Danny wrote in the journal his kindergarten teacher gave him at the end of school. If he writes in it all summer he can bring it back to her when school starts again and she'll give him a treat. Woohoo. He'll do anything for a treat. 

We had a little time in Danny School. That's where Danny's the teacher and Cate is the student. He taught some math and some letter sounds. We picked four sight words to teach her for the week. They're taped up on the dining room wall. 

They cut and colored and taped paper and made a grand mess.

We helped feed the lambs down the street (just like we've done every day at noon and 6:00 pm for weeks now) and then played with the neighbor boys for the next 5 hours. FIVE! I ironed shirts and folded laundry and felt like I was accomplishing some great happy homemaker tasks. 

And then today.

We played with cousins in the morning. Nobody read anything. Nobody wrote anything. 

We'll give it another go tomorrow. 

Or not.