Saturday, May 25, 2013

saturday visits

This morning Grandma hopped on the Frontrunner and zoomed south to visit us.

Then we squished ourselves into the car (if my bum gets any wider I will no longer fit in the backseat between the two car seats and that will be a sad, sad day) and headed even more south to visit our dearly departed loved ones.

Grandma's mother and others received some lovely mums. We took pictures of the same headstones that we take pictures of every year. I'm not sure why though because they don't seem to change much. 

Funny story about that top picture. Cate had been wandering around (walking only on the grass I hope because those were my cemetery rules) for a while. I think she kept chasing birds. I was trying to keep my eye on her but also let her just have a little space to explore. I looked up and she was way across the grass from me. I can barely make her out in this picture. I noticed that she was sitting down but I didn't think much of it. A few minutes later she came walking up to me wearing only one shoe. I asked her where the other one was and she said it was over there and that it had bird poop on it. 

Gross. I asked her how that happened and she said a robin had pooped on her shoe. We walked back to get the shoe and sure enough, there was bird poop splattered on top. I also happened to notice that there was bird poop on her sleeve. I pointed it out and she reached over to touch it. I freaked a little on account of it being poop and all. She said, "It's ok, Mom. It's dry." Gross again.

I guess a bird let 'er rip and Cate just happened to be in its path. 

And Cate's not faking death in that other picture like I thought. She was just soooooooo tired. I bet the cool grass felt super nice though.

We finished with our visits and then headed towards home, but not before stopping for lunch at Chubby's. That yummy burger felt super nice in my belly, that's for sure. And I had the pleasure of cutting Danny's cheeseburger into tiny squares so he could eat it. He's got a tooth that is on the verge of falling out but he will have nothing to do with any of us looking at it, touching it, or heaven forbid, yanking that sucker out. 

Grandma caught the train home. 
Cate and I went shopping.
I came home and withered away on the couch because the sun is trying to kill me.
I got up from my deathbed long enough to let Cate help me plant some carrot seeds in my pathetic little garden.

We lead an exciting life.