Thursday, April 11, 2013

these pictures make me smile

Cousin Jarrett turned 10 last week. 

Ok, everybody. Show how old you are on your fingers!

Now jump!

And now I'm smiling all over again.


Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm super cool and I have loyal fans who really want to know how my mamo-gramo experience was a few days ago.

Well, never fear, dear fans. I will tell you.

The worst part of the whole thing was exactly what I feared it would be. Not the pain of having your boobies squished. That didn't hurt at all (could have something to do with the fact that all I've got is a small handful on either side...and trust me, I know it's nothing more than a handful because the mamo-gramo specialist lady personally escorted "them" onto the little mamo-gramo table thingee herself and they fit perfectly into the palm of her hand...with room to spare).

The embarrassment of being exposed. Oh, so painful. And making it worse was the fact that the mamo-gramo lady was making small talk while I stood by the machine (exposed!!) and she clicked stuff on her computer across the room. Oh, my goodness. I could have died. Do not ask me questions about where I grew up and why don't I have an accent if I grew up in Alabama and how many kids do I have and isn't it lovely that I have a boy and a girl and on and on and on while I'm showing my stuff. 

I'm pretty sure whatever shred of dignity I still have left after birthing two babies is slowly dwindling away. This being a woman stuff will never get easier, of that I'm sure. 

But the good part is that if you're ok with unauthorized personnel seeing your private stuff, go get your mamo-gramo. It was quick and painless (except for the crushing blows to my ego). 

IN OTHER NEWS, I overheard Danny singing a song at the table tonight whilst making his finger puppets.

"It's a lock down drill. It's a lock down drill! It's a lock down drillllll!"

He's a hoot. I remember a few months ago when his school had a lock down drill. He's in afternoon kindergarten so his class didn't actually participate with the entire school (since that one was in the morning). His teacher held her own though. I asked him about it on the way home that day. I was worried that it was a scary experience for him but he said he really liked it. The part he liked most was that it was something that finally made everyone stop talking and just be quiet.

That's my kid for sure.

How was that for a blog post? Cousins, boobies and a lock down drilllllll!


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Arlene said...

Mammos are stupid. I hate the being exposed more than the pain, too.