Friday, April 12, 2013

a better day

Yesterday was not awesome but today was much better. I forced my kids (plus 3 extras who were over playing...I always seem to have extras hanging around) to stay outside in the back yard most of the morning. They played and I got the big dirt spot ready for our garden. When kids play and I work I'm a happy gal.

I got a little bit of quiet time in the afternoon so I started rummaging through the back garage stuff. I've been wanting to do it for a while but it's just been too cold. Or I've had piles of laundry to fold. Or needy kids. But today was my day. It felt good.

I went through a few tubs of Grandma's stuff. I found aprons, scarves and fancy gloves. I love wearing aprons. Lots of the ones I wear were my grandma's. This tub had a bunch of frilly ones, like the one I put on my lovely model (who was very frustrated with me for making her model and just wanted to get back to her playing, hence the pained look on her face). They're too pretty for me to be wiping my dirty hands on when I make dinner so I just put them back, but not before I buried my face in the whole pile and sniffed deeply. They smell like Grandma still. It's been almost 13 years so maybe they always will.

After a few hours of back yard play for the kids (and garage treasure hunting for me), we went over to play with Cate's little friend. Her great grandma is my neighbor so Cate plays with her when the great grandma is tending her.

It just makes me all kinds of happy to see this. They are holding hands, people. For a little girl with oodles of boy cousins and little boy neighbor friends, this is golden.