Monday, January 28, 2013


>>I woke up to a shoulder shake from Dan telling me goodbye as he left for work, just like all the other days. I was having a really weird dream so it was a relief that it was over. I don't remember what it was but it sure was weird. He told me to have a good day and I really hoped I would.

>>I got up to use the bathroom and noticed that my eyes were puffy from the good cry I had last night. Sometimes everything is just too much for me and last night the tears flowed. I think the trigger was watching Downton Abbey. Weird, I know. It was sad and got me thinking and when that happens sometimes there's no stopping me.

>>I got back in bed because it was still dark out and I was hoping for more sleep. It didn't come. Cate did though. Not too much later. I think the highlight of her day is waking me up. She asks how was my sleep and if she slept long enough. I told her good and yes, she had. She likes to cuddle and talk. I figure I'd better oblige her now because I'm not so sure she'll want to cuddle and talk with her old mom forever. Isn't that something that teenagers abhor? One night when it was time for stories she told me she only wanted me to read one book and then she just wanted to talk. How cute is that? So I stay in bed in the mornings, she wakes me up and we cuddle and talk. And that's how I like it.

>>I showered before Danny woke up. That doesn't happen very often. I even had my hair and make-up done before the play date friends came over. That almost never happens. Cousin Ray Ray came over too so we had a full house. I resisted the urge to walk around cleaning up after them. See what happened because of that decision...

And that's only the kitchen and dining room area. Add on two bedrooms and a living room that looked just as bad. I swear those kids think to themselves all the toys. must play with all the toys. leave no toy untouched. And I imagine that they say it in a robot voice too. Like this. all. the. toys. must. play. with. all. the. toys. That's weird right? I think about weird stuff.

>>I helped in Danny's classroom for the afternoon after getting rid of all the other little people. I love it there. His little classmates are adorable (most of them at least). Is there anything cuter than a bunch of kindergarteners? They had PE time today. The teacher in charge was testing them for their report cards to see if they knew how to hop on one foot and skip. The highlight of my day was watching those little boys attempt to skip across the room. Oh, my holy cuteness. I couldn't stop smiling. Most of them were trotting or galloping or marching. It was equal parts hilarious and cute. And can I just say how much I like Danny's teacher? She's amazing. Her patience knows no bounds. She thanks me over and over for helping on Mondays (because it's a crazy day with rotations to different classrooms and it always seems to just go by in a blur) but I don't think she realizes how much good it does for me. Or how much it makes me miss having my own classroom. Or how much I love being at school with my best boy.

>>I got to tell my kids how a baby gets out of a mommy's tummy. They asked. I didn't just offer it up as a driving home from school conversation starter. Cate was pretty sure they came out through the belly button and Danny said the doctor just cuts them out. I'm ok with the how do they get out? conversation. Just be very matter of fact. It's just basic anatomy really. The how do they get in? is the part I'm not looking forward to. So far nobody's asked. Phew.

>>I made brownies after school while my kids roamed around the house playing with each other and adding to the mess. When they play nicely with each other I just leave them alone about the mess because the playing nicely stuff doesn't happen every day. Cate is always so thrilled when Danny will play with her instead of hiding out in his room with his beloved Legos.

>>The mess got cleaned up before Dan came home. Dinner got made and eaten (a new chicken recipe that Danny devoured...yay!). Family Home Evening happened and even ended without anyone crying or pouting or having a meltdown. Danny left before eating his brownie because Haircut Angie next door was ready for him. He walked over there in the dark like the brave big boy that he is.

>>Cate went to bed nicely (even though it was 45 minutes past her bedtime and therefore 45 minutes past the time when I like to clock out for the day), Dan read books with Danny and I got suckered into playing 3 games of UNO before he'd finally let me tuck him in. I didn't even know he knew how to play until Saturday night when I saw him playing with his cousin. We played a few rounds of it this morning before school too. That kid likes games that's for sure. You know, I'm thinking 6 might be the perfect age. It's my favorite so far. 

>>I lugged my tired butt to the gym and stair stepped 300 calories away. I figured that was maybe what the brownies I ate were worth. Also, there were no other machines available. Stupid gym in January with those stupid New Year's resolution people trying to lose weight. Do they all need to be there at 9:00?

>>Put on my pajamas, thought about writing something thought provoking and insightful but chose to do this instead. But it's ok. I want to remember that I did a pretty good job of not getting freaked out and upset about the messy state of my house today (and the fact that even though I washed dishes this morning I'm going to bed with two sinks full again), my daughter loves me and wants to cuddle and chit chat every morning and my boy is the best, even if he forces me to play UNO with him. 

And now I'm going to turn off my brain, eat my nightly bowl of cuties and watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because nothing makes me feel less crazy than watching those crazy ladies.

the end

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