Friday, January 18, 2013

sicky sickos

I've been snuggled on by sickos this week. Awesome.

Mostly coughing, runny noses, sneezing, fevers. No puking. Very awesome. Well, except for that time Cate coughed so hard she puked. I forgive her for that one though.

Danny's got to be the most pleasant sick kid ever. It's like his sweetness increases right along with his sicko status. He's just a slowed down version of himself, but even more pleasant. Sadly, he missed two days of school so now his chance at 100% perfect attendance is shot. Drat. He also missed 3 days of swim lessons (there's only 9) but passed his level anyway. That's my boy.

Cate, on the other hand, not so pleasant. I think she figures if she's going to be miserable then she'll just take us all down with her. I love her dearly, of course, but man, she's not the easiest patient. Too bad she's the one who's been the sickest for the longest.

I find it kind of funny that she has pretty much zero tolerance for her runny nose. Oh, she hates the boogers. They induce crying fits and tears and you just better wipe them as fast as she demands or watch out. She's been holding onto dishtowels all week so she can wipe them away herself (because she's 4 and in my book, old enough to wipe her own runny nose). She even walked around the dinosaur museum yesterday holding a pink booger wiping dishtowel. I hope somebody on their cleaning crew has been lysoling all the handrails. Blech.

I've been smearing Vaseline on their lips all week (even more than I normally do). Because of all the mouth breathing they've both been doing their poor little lips are chapped and dry. I overheard Cate playing with her baby dolls one day. She was chit chatting away like she always does. And then I heard what she'd named the baby and I got a good little chuckle.



Sell...Party Of 5 said...

When you describe Cate, you basically are describing Devin...and luck would have it, he has been sick the most. We need a gold star for being the caregivers while they are sick, right?

Marisa said...

I'm sorry they're sick. Hope everyone is better soon, and that you and Dan don't catch it!

Jaymerz said...

No Fun!! We have had the same thing at our house and it is not going away, I am starting to go crazy!!