Sunday, December 23, 2012

best week ever

This week has been busy and crazy and wonderful. Here's why:

My parents drove to Utah from Alabama and arrived here Monday night. They look pretty tired and slightly grumpy but trust me, they're happy about it. They have a house here now. It is a marvelous thing. I've waited a very long time for this. They're not moving permanently until summer but we're happy to have them here for the Christmas break. Thrilled. Tickled pink. Over the moon. It's glorious.

Danny's Christmas singing program was Tuesday. He was oozing with excitement don't you think? I love that boy. He sang all the words to both songs and even waved to us. I was so proud. In case you missed his solo performance it's right here.

And Christmas books with Grama Bama after dinner. Does it get any better than that? Yes. It certainly does.

Cate's dance class did a little performance on Wednesday morning. Words cannot express how much I love this picture. I want to just scoop her up and squeeze her. I'm so thankful for that little girl.

Check out that tongue of concentration. Awesome. There are about 42 more pictures and a few videos from that little recital but I'll spare you.

I got to help in Danny's class for the Christmas festivities that afternoon. After all the sadness that happened last week I was so glad that I could be there with him in that classroom full of little kids. I'm thankful he has such a great teacher who loves those kids too. Santa made an appearance to tell the class how much their teacher loves them. I looked at her and she was crying and I had to squeeze really hard to keep my tears from falling down my cheeks. As she was saying good-bye to them her tears started again. It's nice to have a wonderful, caring teacher for my favorite boy. (That's Danny with his BFF in the picture.)

That night Danny and cousin Kris had a sleepover at the grandparents' house. Oh, happy day! Here's the text my mom sent to me.

I don't know what happened on Thursday. Probably too much goodness to remember. 

I made half of a birthday cake for Cate on Friday. My baby is 4 1/2. I had my 39 1/2 birthday 2 days earlier but nobody made a cake for me. It's ok though. I bought a mini Ben and Jerry's ice cream and ate half of it. Cate ate the rest because I was dumb enough to open it when she was home.

Then it was off to lunch and a little shopping and roaming around BYU campus on Saturday. Doesn't Grandpa look thrilled that we brought him along? Hee hee.

It was a lovely day and not even very cold. One of my favorite places with most of my favorite people.

Today I listened to Danny read Green Eggs and Ham to his daddy. How can you be sad that your babies grow up when you get to listen to them read to you? Pure awesomeness. 

I read stories to Cate after church until she fell asleep. Danny went over to Grama Bama's house for the afternoon. Quiet house on a Sunday afternoon! That hasn't happened in a very long time. We went over for dinner after Cate woke up. 

And she finally got to blow out her candles. Friday got busy because of cousin Kris' birthday and we just never got around to it. She didn't seem to mind. I guess you just learn to go with the flow when you're 4 1/2.

I could seriously get used to this whole grandparents living down the street thing.


Marisa said...

How adorable are those paper leis? And that half cake looks very tasty. For someone who doesn't like frosting, you're sure good at making it!

Arlene said...

I live this, but got choked up. I am excited for your parents to be so close!

Arlene said...

I wish I lived this. *love*