Wednesday, August 8, 2012

when are we gonna get there?

We woke up in Reno. Some of us (Cate) woke up sooner than others (5:45). She spent her free time licking the window overlooking beautiful Reno and then writing in the slobber with her finger. Housekeeping!

me: Cate, do you know what city we're in?

her: Arctic City?

me: Nope. Reno.

her: Reno?! Is that where they have lots of monkeys?

me: No.

her: Rhinos?

me: No. 

her: Lights?

me: Yep.

And then we were off. We drove for four hours straight. Cate slept for two of them. It's amazing the difference a quiet car makes. 

me: Danny, we're in California.

him: Doesn't California have lots of wood?

me: Ummm. Yeah.

him: Then we're in California.

We ate at McDonald's. They have outdoor seating and an outdoor play place. The weather was beautiful. I couldn't stop thinking (and saying outloud) people live here. People actually live here and have gorgeous weather in July. Why do I not live here?

The Daniels sat on the meat seats. We drove a little more and then we were done. My happy little princess posed on the couch of our "hotel." She was happy to be out of the car for good. So was I.

We walked to down the the beach. It was Cate's first time. Danny's second. He doesn't remember his first time because it was five years ago and he was a baby. This was the same place though.

This is the beach where I thought I was going to totally lose it. I pictured my kids being swept out to sea. It could happen. Water is powerful stuff. I asked Dan if there was any kind of pill I could just go to the store and buy and not need a prescription for, some kind of powerful chill pill. He said no.

And then Danny fell down, got wet and became extremely rude and back talking. So we left. I'm not sure why kids think they need to ruin a perfectly fun time. Sheesh. I have to admit I was fine with leaving since we'd been in the car most of that day and I just wanted to sit down on the couch for a few hours.

Making memories is hard work but I do it for them because I love them so.