Friday, July 27, 2012

life lately

I don't love summer. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that a time or two...or three or more. This summer seems to be packed with stuff (which is good I guess). But also sometimes not good because I feel so completely behind all the time. But my family is here visiting and that's always a nice treat, especially since Vermont and Alabama are far away and we don't get to see these lovely people very often.

Here's a bunch of pictures from my phone (in no particular order) of stuff we've been up to. Did I mention that my computer died a few weeks ago? Well, it did. I'm putting forth a big effort to not be freaked out like I was last time it died (only two and a half years ago). We still haven't taken it to the computer doctor because life gets crazy and busy. Also, I'm in denial. I think I backed up most of my pictures but I don't want to find out the truth. Also, I'm pretty sure new computers cost a lot of money and I probably should start looking for a job to finance it.

house hunting with the parents
ice cream date with the big Vermont cousins
watching Jarrett's baseball game
(with a blanket on because it was a chilly 79 degrees in the shade)
hiding in his shirt

my sunny son
Ray Ray at the blue park
Sorry with the cousins and Daddy
cookbook the big girl cousins brought with them from Vermont
(I want to steal it and never give it back)

fishing with the dads and the big boys
jump on it
(good thing I didn't pee my pants too badly)
visiting with an old friend
watching the old friend and her brother practice their clogging routine
(in college they were The Red Hot Tabletop Cloggers)

offspring of the old friend, her brother and me
Aunt Jenny visiting from Vermont
pretty sure this sister and I don't look alike
Cate with her big girl cousins

playing Simon Says with Grandpa
(when Cate's Simon she says she's the Simon Says-er)
squirt guns with cousin Ethan
Grama Bama is awesome.
legos with Grandpa
(he's got the patience and the free time to sit there and help...thank goodness)

pretending to be a baby
front yard after dinner fun times
so fashion forward
goofy kid..."hey! i'm a turtle!"

bigger squirt guns
foam day
my fake smile at foam day
(because standing around in the hot sun while thousands of people swarm around is super fun)
she never ceases to amaze me

*   *   *

And that picture up top? Probably my favorite birthday picture ever.
Blowing out his candles but looking like he's trying to eat the flame.
Love it.

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Marisa said...

It's a good thing to have so many wonderful people around to distract you from the horrors of summer!