Tuesday, July 17, 2012

instead of blogging

We've been hanging out with the family.

Grandparents from Alabama.
Cousins from Vermont.

The only thing I'm caught up on is my stories on the DVR.
Laundry is swallowing me whole.
Floors are sticky and somehow always covered with dirty little footprints.
Vacuuming? Who needs vacuuming?
The dishes are getting washed, sometimes not by me.
I did scrub a few toilets today so that was good.
I don't hear the house guests complaining so why should I?

Best part about yesterday...

Listening to Grama Bama play Sorry.
Because she's Canadian and she says Soar-eee.

Good times.


Marisa said...

Cute pictures! I think we need a video of Grama Bama playing Soar-eee.

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

It seems like you are so on the ball when it comes to getting professional pictures taken...I wish I was. Do you always use the Fotofly in Lehi?