Sunday, June 24, 2012

my favorite four-year-old

My baby turned 4 this week. A few highlights of the day:

+ waking up too dang early, like a good hour before her normal time (not sure how that's a highlight but I just thought it was lovely that she wanted to make the almost longest day of the year feel even longer)

+ playing with her new bubble toy in the front yard at 7:30 in the morning (it should be illegal to play in the front yard at that hour of the day and it only reinforces my hatred of summer. hate it. but she loved the bubble thing. that's good.)

+ no more swim diapers (this is big. HUGE. the pool requires all kids under 4 to be double diapered, potty trained or not. those blasted diapers make me want to...never mind. I'm glad we're done with them. she is too.)

+ cocolito's for lunch (except she and her brother fell asleep in the car on the way there, slept through the entire lunch - which was quite lovely for her daddy and me - and stayed asleep while we carried them out to the car, buckled them in and drove home. they missed the whole thing!)

+ cupcakes, brownies and cookies at the park with family and her best friend (and me not feeling the least bit guilty about purchasing said cupcakes, brownies and cookies. not one little drop of guilt. nobody's perfect, starting with me.)

+ opening lots of presents (only two of which i actually bought for her birthday. the rest were extras from christmas that have been stashed in the garage for 6 months.)

+ kind friends and neighbors who brought over presents and balloons (it's nice to have kind friends and neighbors)

+ asking her throughout the day if she remembered what she and i were doing exactly 4 years ago. do you remember when you were in my tummy and we were in the hospital? (not that i thought she would be it's fun to ask) her reply: was i playing around in there? ha!

+ remembering how i was laying in bed at the hospital (4 years ago of course) for my 24 hour urine collection (how lovely) and bed rest combo and i didn't have a laptop or a smart phone (how i survived that i'll never know...i must have a source of inner strength i never knew i possessed) and the doctor came in around dinner time and told me we'd be having a baby soon (since i failed the urine test miserably and that little 4-week-early baby needed to come out)

+ being thankful for my sweet girl and her adorable personality and budding sense of humor

She's my Catie Bug and I love her.