Thursday, June 28, 2012

mini swimmers

Last day of swim lessons notes from the teacher:

Danny is absolutely ready for level 3. He is a great swimmer.

Catherine has done very well.
She always says, "That's easy!" which is a great attitude to have.
She could be better with floating on her back. That's my only concern.
But she can do it well enough and it will be strengthened in level 3.
I would recommend level 3.

*   *   *

There was a boy in their class named Jackson.
Danny and Cate would not believe me that he's a boy.
His hair is really really curly and sort of longish (not down his back, just sticks out).
Even though he wears swim trunks, my kids are convinced that he's a girl because of his hair.
I told Danny that girls do not show their boobies when they go swimming.
That means he's a boy.
He didn't buy it. I think I convinced Cate with that argument but Danny's not budging.

We'll wait until fall for level 3.
That pool is a mad house with summer swim lessons.
I'll miss my uninterrupted 30 minutes of dink around on my phone time though.

And Cate in that picture? She totally cracks me up.
Could she be any cuter?
She almost makes me wish I had a brother to love and torment.