Saturday, June 2, 2012

a dino date

Danny and I went on a little date this afternoon.
He's been wanting to see the 3D movie at the dino museum for months.
Today was finally the day.

The movie was ok.
It was kind of a documentary mixed with computer animated dinosaur stuff.
I was a little worried Danny would be bored but he just stared at the screen the whole time.
And he didn't get scared until the very end.
I got a little scared at that part too though.

Of course we had to do a run through of the museum after the movie.
I think Danny was thrilled to not have his little sister along with us.
He got to dig for as long as he wanted.
That was probably his favorite part.

I had a good time.
He's a cute kid and fun to be around.
As we got into the car to go home he said,
"Thanks for coming with me, Mommy."
Just like that.
Without me saying it first.

I love that kid.

1 comment:

Marisa said...

He can make a heart melt without even trying. That's the mark of a good kid. :)