Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm thinking it's time to change my picture over on the side there.

I'm liking this one instead.

(Remember my cruise to the Redneck Riviera?)

Should I use number one...

or number two...

or number three?

*  *  *

I'm leaning towards number one because I think it really makes my eyes pop.

I love the blurriness of all three because it hides the wrinkles and the freckles.

And I'm loving the big hair because it hides my widow's peak
and really adds definition to my cheekbones.

When I become a big time inspirational professional blogger
I'll have some big time professional head shots done.

Until then, I think a blurry self-portrait instagram picture is quite appropriate.

Plus, I think the Elly May look pays homage to my southern roots...

even though I only lived there for 13 years and neither my mom nor my dad are actually from the south.

And I've never eaten collard greens, crawdads or fried okra.

But I do love me some cheesy grits and cornbread.

Ok. I'm done.

What's your vote?


colds1 said...

Three. Want some packages of instant grits? We bought them for our 72 hour kits and apparently ... we don't like them. Say the word and they are all yours!

Dan said...

Don't forget the five years you lived in Texas and Virginia. That means you lived in the South for 18 years.

Your parents have lived in the South for much longer than they've lived anywhere else. I think if someone has had grits for breakfast every morning for over fifteen years, like your dad, that someone just may be a Southerner.

Marisa said...

Two! You have the funnest wigs. You should do a profile strip of photos of you in different wigs.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

You look so stunning in all of them, you can't go wrong.