Friday, May 11, 2012

nine on the ninth plus one

Except it wasn't really a surprise since he had to give me directions to his school.
And I figured I should ask him ahead of time if it was even ok to come.
All his teacher friends thought the kids were so cute.
And his students thought they were soooooooo cute!
We even got to crash the Teacher Appreciation luncheon.

Came home and made the cake.
That took extra long because people wanted to "help."
Danny said, "Mommy, I'm going to pretend to bite it and you take a picture."
Cate said, "Nooooooooooo."
But I think she actually wanted him to take a real bite.

Here's the birthday cake in all it's dark chocolatey glory.
I copied the Nothing Bundt Cake guys and frosted it all cute.
Well, all except for what looks like a dollop of poo in the middle.
It sure tasted good though.

I will most definitely be making this cake again.
I couldn't really taste any root beer though.
A slight aftertaste if I took a bite of just cake.
But that's it.
No matter. It was a mighty tasty chocolate cake anyway.
And the frosting?
YUM! And that's coming from someone who usually scrapes off the frosting.
It's chocolatey and smooth but not too sweet.

And I got to use my bundt cake pan that I never ever use.
Bundt makes me think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
This scene. It's a kek!

We had pizza for dinner in the front yard.
Then the cousins came over to join us.

Dan's such a good sport.
Even with his stomach full of pizza.

Time for the cake.
I think it took a good 5 minutes just to get all those candles lit.

Other awesome things I did for my husband on his birthday:

mowed the lawn and ironed 8 of his shirts.

That's true love right there.

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Marisa said...

I'm so glad you tried that recipe! Just like I thought—not root beer-y enough for me. I'll try to schedule those root beer blondies with root beer frosting for my next dessert and let you know how they are.

I love pizza picnics. All the fun with none of the work! Looks like it was a fun birthday. :)