Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day 2012

Cate gave me the second best Mother's Day present ever. 

A 6:00 am wake up call! Yahoo!

Danny still wins for the best Mother's Day present ever though.

A ruptured eardrum in the wee hours of the morning on my first real Mother's Day.

Such thoughtful little darlings.

A few pictures after church.

We sort of match.

I did that on purpose.

I love how Cate is holding my muffin top so it won't show.

Another great Mother's Day present from that little one.

She's quite the gift giver.

My new sunglasses and floppy hat from the dollar store.

I'm ready for summer now.

Look at Cate's face.

That's what happens after church when you wake up an hour and a half early.

That's better.

Cate's turn to look stylish and cool.

And Dan can't be left out of the fun ever.

Danny too.

We told him that's a boy hat since it's blue.

We are evil and sneaky.

I realize Dan and I look goofy in this picture (me more than him).

Cate was taking the picture and I wasn't sure where she was aiming the camera.

Danny thinks his parents are weirdos already.

Look what Cate drew for me.


That circle on top of my head is my messy bun.

She sees that often.