Wednesday, May 2, 2012

learning to swim

The kiddos just finished up a 2 week course of swim lessons.

It was their first time ever.

Except for that time Danny took a swim class with his daddy a few months before the tubes got put in his ears.

I figured it wasn't such a good idea to put kids in swim lessons when they had tubes in their ears.

All the tubes are gone now.  Thank goodness.

The kids were great.

Cate was hesitant to get her ears wet.

And her face too.

She was much nicer to the teacher than she is to us when we wash her hair.

That's a good thing too because she can get pretty close to crazy sometimes when water gets on her face.

Danny looked like a natural though.

He was quick to show his teacher how he can put his whole head under water.

He told me he likes to keep his eyes open down there.

He looked like he was having fun too.

That's important.

He only complained once about having to go to lessons.

That's a miracle.

Ray Ray got to tag along with us some of the days.  He mostly just sat on my lap and watched.

It's warm and humid in that indoor pool area.  I think that's conducive to snuggling.

I posted that picture up there on facebook and my mom asked what he was laying on.

That would be my very flat chest. Can't you tell?

I'll be super glad in less than 2 months when Cate turns 4.

She won't have to wear swim diapers anymore.

Those things are all kinds of annoying.  Especially when they're wet and you're trying to peel them off.

I think this is my favorite picture of the bunch.

I love that swimsuit on Cate. It's cut kind of low on the leg, like the ladies wore in the olden days.

And could Danny be any more thrilled to be having his picture taken with his little sister?

I love it. It makes me want to take even more pictures to torture him.

And Cate's little swimsuit body is so stinkin' adorable.

Why can't I look that cute in mine? 


Good news! They both passed!

On to level 2. Woo hoo!

Now we're one step closer to being on a road trip, stopping for the night at a hotel and letting the kids swim by themselves instead of lugging our tired bodies into the pool with them.

That's my dream.