Monday, April 9, 2012

nine on the ninth

the Insta.weekend edition (because I was having fun taking pictures with my phone)

This weekend started on Thursday (like every good weekend should). My man and I ditched the kiddies and went to the movies. I liked it. Dan did too. I think I might have seen a tear trickle out of the corner of his eye for poor little Rue.

Dinner at my favorite restaurant. Training Table. It's a Utah original in case you hadn't heard. The first time I ate there (which was 20 years ago when I started college) I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. Why I remember that I will never know. Ever since then I've ordered the #25. Turkey, bacon, tomato with yummy ranch sauce. I've strayed from my favorite a few times but almost always regretted it. Don't forget the cheese fries. I never regret those. I've been eating the same thing at the same restaurant for 20 years. Eek. That picture is Dan's burger. I think it looked like someone poured puke on it.

Not pictured: We stayed at a hotel that night (to celebrate our 14 years of wedded bliss), slept in until 9:00 and missed the hotel breakfast, relaxed until check out and then went to eat brunch (because we're fancy and that's what you call eggs and bacon at 11:45 in the morning) and saw our across the street neighbors at the restaurant. Came home. Picked up the kids (just Cate though since Danny didn't want to leave Aunt Judy's house). I went to the gym (waaaaaaaaaay too much eating out). Then we got ready for more eating out.

Dinner with a friend for her birthday at the new fancy shopping center in the big city. Yummy sweet potato fries and meeting new people (which gives me anxiety up the wah-zoo).

Cate and I watch our Saturday morning cooking show together. She usually will sit on my lap and enjoy it (as long as we watch it on the DVR so I can fast forward through the commercials). As soon as it's over she hops off my lap and heads to her little pink kitchen to bake something. This time it was blueberry pie with green blueberries.

Grama Bama's brother and his wife stopped in for a little visit. I wonder why we straighten up the house for visitors when it turns into Cate's chance to bring out every toy and baby doll she owns to show off. Good thing they're family and just think it's cute.

I got busy baking cake for Sunday dinner dessert. This one was strawberry sheet cake (even though it wasn't baked in a sheet cake pan). I thought it was quite yummy (that bite was the taste test before we brought it up to share with the family) but the texture was weird. I'm going to give it another try some day. Maybe make an actual sheet cake out of it. I also made peanut butter sheet cake. That one is a keeper for sure.

While I slaved away in the kitchen, a little bit of Scrabble junior was happening at the kitchen table. Grama Bama sent me a text while we were away the day before. She said Danny was excited to play the game because he was going to "take her down". Ha! That's my boy!

Dinner was Cocolito's. Chips and salsa. Yum.

Sunday morning. Posing in her new Easter dress from Grama Bama. I decided that the best thing about having a daughter is the Easter dress. I might change my mind somewhere down the road but for now that's got to be it. You can make little boys extra handsome on Easter of course. There's just something special about the Easter dress. Well, I also think little girls are way more adorable in swimsuits too but what do I know.

After church we headed up to Aunt Cindy's house for dinner and family time. Yummy ham and potato salad and other stuff. And cake of course. Then an egg hunt in the front yard. I think it's going to be a sad, sad day when my little boy no longer wears fireman rain boots with his pants tucked in. Sad indeed.

And after reading about all the food I ate this weekend you'll understand why my diet starts today. Ug.


Marisa said...

I wish I could come grab a slice of that peanut butter cake so I don't have to make a whole one. Because I will make a whole one, and end up eating half of it myself. :/

What a fun-filled weekend you had! Except for the puke burger. Gross.

Cathy said...

Well, it wasn't really puke. It was some kind of chili verde sauce but it sure looked like something else. Dan said it was tasty. Just messy.

debra said...

That's a lot of eating out. I'm jealous. That's about all I want to do lately. Nothing at home sounds good. So it ends up being cereal or toast. Not near as exciting as restaurant food.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Wasn't City Creek amazing!!? Thank you for coming. That restaurant was fancy, I could have used some cheese fries at Training Table. Haven't been there in ages.