Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm a week late

Here's my nine on the ninth from last Friday. Some day I'll get my act together. I think I totally skipped February so it doesn't really matter anyway.

>>Cate woke me up bright and early to play doctor. Open your mouth. Wider. Wider. Wider. Hmmmm. It's worse than I thought. Where does she come up with this stuff? Maybe she was talking about my morning breath, not my tonsils.

>>Reese's peanut butter cereal. I don't know the real name. That's close enough. I like it. A lot. It's been for sale at Costco the last few times I've gone. I keep buying it. Oatmeal and I are on a break right now.

>>Chocolate for dessert (breakfast deserves dessert too you know) sitting on top of the strip we pulled off the Grama Bama countdown chain. She'll be here soon. Not soon enough, but soon.

>>I switched out the cookie jars. For winter I use the snowman. Winter's done. I don't really think winter was even here but I call it officially done when I switch out the cookie jars. I love this cookie jar. It was Grandma's. I think it's kind of summery because of the peaches. Right now there's Girl Scout cookies inside.

>>Talking Time with my boy. His teacher thinks he'll be ready to graduate soon. See. I told you he's a genius.

>>Taking a walk down the street to pick up Cate from her little friend's house after Talking Time. It was a nice day for a walk. We stopped by the bakery on the way home for a donut. Ever since I worked at a donut shop my senior year and ate all the donuts I wanted and gained A LOT of weight, I can't stomach the smell of the inside of a bakery that smells like donuts. I like the bread smell but the donuts kill me. I wonder if I eat too much chocolate, I'll some day not be able to stand the smell. I hope not. (See that tree behind Danny? You can see it in the movie Footloose if you look real fast. Also seen, the roof of my house. No kidding.)

>>Getting all prettied up for pictures. First time I've ever used a curling iron on her hair. It didn't curl.

>>Some afternoon refreshment on the way back to pick up the pictures. Aunt Judy kept the kids at her house so I was all by my little lonesome. I liked it a lot. I think I need more time all by my little lonesome on Friday afternoons. It's good for me.

>>5:00 snack of slightly thawed berries on my bed. Look! There's my feet! Danny stayed at Aunt Judy's house. Cate and I came home. I turned on a show for her and told her I was all done (meaning pretty please let me just go sit down and rest my weary bones for a few minutes without asking me for anything). That lasted about 10 minutes.

And now for my big time favorite picture from the day:


(Thanks to Dan for his amazing DNA and to CameraShy for the picture...and now they have bunnies. I should've waited. Dang it.)

I know, right?

The cuteness just about killed me.

Forget about where did my babies go. Where did my toddlers go?

I sure love 'em. Even when they don't give me a moment's peace to eat my slightly thawed berries and stare at my feet.

I'm sure there will be plenty of time for feet staring when they're both away at college...if I last that long.


Marisa said...

How cute are they? Danny looks like he's one click away from being all done, but Cate is still going strong. I like the distressed wood. Makes them look like big kids, for sure.

AND, when I saw your title, my jaw literally dropped. Pregnancy pun #2. I'm keeping track.

Glenora said...

what bunnies?