Wednesday, March 7, 2012

good times

Do you ever wonder why people (mostly the ultra cool blogger chicks) take pictures of feet and shoes? I do. The first time I noticed that it was the thing to do I thought how weird. who cares what your shoes look like? is this some kind of artsy fartsy way to express how you're feeling? i don't get it.

I admit that I took pictures of our shoes when we went bowling but really. Bowling shoes on little feet are stinkin' cute. You have to admit.

Anyway, here's my homage to the ultra cool blogger chicks. Too bad I'm not standing a little bit more pigeon toed. That's how the really cool blogger chicks do it. Oh, who me? I'm just standing here taking pictures of my boots. Do you like them? Do you like me? Can you tell I'm feeling happy today because of my boots?

Me and my stylish black fuzzy topped snow boots tucked into my pajama pants in the deep snow on Friday morning.

Cate loves the snow so she was very excited to play in it. I told her she had to stay out for at least an hour since it's hard work putting on all that gear. I bought those snow pants for her at the end of last summer. $7.50 at the second hand clothing store. This is the first time she's worn them. IN MARCH! Something is very wrong with that. She probably won't fit them next time the big snow comes. It was adorable watching her walk around in them though. I love the swishswishswish sound they make when she walks.

Notice I still haven't bought her snow gloves or snow boots. Those gloves are Danny's and the boots are hand-me-downs from the boy cousins. She didn't seem to mind that a few parts of her body were not covered in pink.

I told her to not go on the road. Know where she went? All the way out to the end of where the snow plow shoved the snow. That's the road. She denied it though.

We attempted to build a snowman. I learned something that morning. I have no idea how to build a snowman. She told me to make a ball and then we'd roll it around and around until it got bigger and bigger and bigger. I think the snow was just way too powdery because it was pretty tough just to get a ball to stick together. Nothing stuck to it as we rolled and rolled. Total snowman failure.

I can't even say oh well, better luck next time because I'm not sure there's going to be a next time. We get our first big huge snowfall in March? Weird. Also kind of sad, almost all that snow was gone 2 days later. I wouldn't have shoveled driveway #2 if I'd known that it was going to just be gone all on its own. It was a good upper body workout though so I shouldn't complain.

Snow on the trashcan. Beautiful. That's an artistic statement about how I was feeling that day. Can you tell?

That kid loves to make snow angels too.

She traipsed over to the play set and went down the slide too many times to count. She loved it because she just landed in a big fluffy pillow of snow every time.

Danny came home from Talking Time and joined us in the snow fun. Dan had the day off work so he got the pleasure of accompanying him that day.

Good times.


Marisa said...

So you can disregard the last portion of my email. I checked email before I checked my reader. :) Glad you finally got snow! I'm sorry it only lasted two days.

Arlene said...

Ahhh...this brought me great joy!!!

(I admit I have done foot shots for years, only if my toes aren't showing, and because that is probably my best self-portrait after my shadow.)