Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sometimes I find stuff that my grandma saved and I remember how much I love the fact that she saved everything. Not the things like scraps of foil and bread twisty ties. The good stuff. Like every wedding invitation she's ever received (some of those people go to church with me and it's fun seeing what they looked like 30 years ago). Really old baby clothes (or if I want to sound cool I'll say they're vintage). Dainty white lace hankies. And for sure all those black and white pictures of my dad as a baby. Lots of those.

And toys. I found this Build-o-fun box while I was organizing the garage. It's a Tupper Toy. How cool is that? My grandma loved Tupperware so it makes sense that she'd have Tupper Toys.

Looks like the Build-O-Fun is award winning too.

Of course the instructions were still in the box.

I love that it includes directions to make a movie camera. And a sectional sofa with coffee table.

How fun! Let's build tables and chairs!

Danny was thrilled when I showed him. He got right to work studying the instructions. I just happened to snap the picture in the middle of a blink.

Know what the first thing is Danny built?

A chair! How fun. I think it kind of looks like a wheelchair. Or some kind of lounge chair. He built that all by himself.

Then it was on to bigger and better things.

Another chair and two end tables!

And then he just kept on going. Chairs, chairs and more chairs.

Maybe next time we'll try for a truck.

The instructions show how to make a coupler so your trailer can turn around corners.

Sounds super exciting!


Arlene said...

I love your Grandma! I wish I was there with you to look at all the treasures.

I love Danny's projects.

Did I show up as reading in Germany? I'm so sick of CNN and BBC and I'm alone tonight.

Cathy said...

Yes! I have a visitor from Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. Is that you? Very cool.