Wednesday, February 29, 2012

it's a girl!

Check in.




Our turn.

Lay down.

Bare the belly.

Cold goopy stuff on the belly.

A peek inside the belly.

* * * *

We sat in the exam room after seeing for the first time that it was actually a she.

The first person we told was Uncle Tim. I sent him a text. Only two words.

Think pink.

I knew she would be a she. I'd known since the day before Thanksgiving when I was puky puke puuuuke sick all day. Puke. I'd never been puky puke puuuuke sick like that before. Not the flu kind of puke either (unfortunately, I've been that kind of puky sick many times). This puke was different and I knew it. I knew she was a she.

Wanna see?

A blurry little face.

Tiny hands squished into tiny fists.

Hooray! She has arms!

I'll spare you the IT'S A GIRL!! picture because I'm not sure my daughter would appreciate having her teeny tiny in utero private parts shared for all to see. It's best to respect her privacy, I think.

* * * *

If I was cool enough to have a blog last leap day, that's what I would have written.

Did I have you worried? Hee hee.

I'm pretty sure nothing will ever top a February 29th when you find out that the teeny one in your belly is a girl. The first granddaughter in 16 years on her dad's side of the family. First one after 4 consecutive boys on her mom's side. Since then, there's been another boy added to one side and 2 more to the other...lots of boys!

I'm thankful for my cute little girl. She told me today that her favorite things are unicorns, butterflies and mermaids. I kid you not.

And her favorite colors are pink and purple. "Just like you, Mom! Your favorite colors are pink and purple too!" Mine's actually green, but I'm not going to correct her when she's so excited about colors.

I just love that kid.

* * * *

And one more thing...

Yeah. Those pictures are a year old but who cares?

They're leaping!


Marisa said...

I knew you were talking about Cate. At first. Then I kept reading and scrolling and reading, and, wait, is she?

What a fun memory to have for leap day. I have none. But I also knew my girl was a girl from the very beginning, and that is a very cool feeling. :)

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I found out I was having Savannah on the 29th...2004. So fun to have a day to remember our girls. :)