Tuesday, January 10, 2012

sleep tight

A few months ago I came across these sleeping bags for the three little bears and I knew I just had to have some. Mostly because just a few nights earlier Danny had asked me for a tiny sleeping bag for Hard Puppy. Talk about perfect timing.

I can't sew. Well, I can sew buttons onto shirts and back in the day I could do a mean cross stitch. I could probably stitch up the holes in our socks if I really tried. But the sewing machine and I are not besties. One day we will be.

I posted the link to those cute little sleeping bags on facebook along with something like, "Hey, these are cute. Somebody make some for me." And what do you know? Somebody made some for me!

It's nice to be nice to the nice. This proves it.

It's not Debra's first time to whip up something for me on her sewing machine. Remember the baby diapers she made for Cate? And the light saber popsicle holders last summer? Maybe I don't need to learn how to sew after all. Debra's taking care of us.

She made three little sleeping bags for Danny's stuffed friends and three for Cate's (which are used mainly for babies, not stuffed friends).

I love them.

Cate did too.

And Danny?

He was thrilled. More excited than I expected him to be about a sleeping bag for Hard Puppy.

And Deeda (or is it Didda? I can't keep track) has been nice and cozy too.

p.s. In case any of my sewing friends want to make other stuff for me, I've got plenty of projects saved under When I Learn How to Sew on my pinterest page.


Janell R. Cropper said...

Okay, those are super cute. I may have to try them out :)

Cathy said...

Do it, Janell! You're a sewing machine rock star!

debra said...

I'm so glad they like them. It's fun making things for kids (and their mom's) who appreciate it.

Arlene (CK) said...

Cr*p! I forgot to make those for Christmas presents.

Looking at your blog on my phone is not near as much fun as on a gigantic screen. Glad I finally caught up!