Friday, January 13, 2012


1. Yesterday was pajama day at preschool. I could get used to that kind of arrangement. All I had to do to get ready for school was brush Cate's hair. Piece of cake.

The kids had to bring a sleeping bag and pillow to class. That means there's still a mountain of blankets in my front room because Cate's sleeping bag was at the bottom of the closet. They're having fun jumping on Blanket Mountain so maybe it'll stay there all weekend.

I hate to be the one to spoil their fun.

2. I had this great idea to hang my measuring cups to the inside of the cupboard. I figured that would free up some space and make them feel more organized. (See that strip of wood colored wood down the outside edge? That's because we took the cupboard doors off 11 years ago to paint them. We bought new hinges. Then the doors didn't fit anymore. Uncle Tony cut off a tiny bit from every single cupboard door so they'd close. We never got around to doing the touch-up painting. Maybe in anther 11 years when we paint them again.)

The problem with the measuring cups hanging on the cupboard door is that as soon as I close the door, I forget that they are there...until the next time I open the door and they clang around wildly and a few fall off. I had no idea I opened cupboard doors so forcefully.

3. I took the kids to Costco this afternoon. No way I'm going on Saturday and we needed stuff so I took my chances. They were pretty good. When we got home I was pooped so I told the kids I was going to rest. Cate closed my bedroom door. When I opened it a few minutes later, this is what I saw:

Serves me right for resting. That's the neatest little mess I've seen in a long time though.

4. My morning exercise grade for the week: F+

Monday: 6:00 am
Tuesday: Alarm didn't go off. Went during preschool. Wasted precious quiet time.
Wednesday: Didn't even bother to set the alarm.
Thursday: Nothing.
Friday: Remains to be seen.

This week Dan has been going to swim class at 9:00 each night. I've been sleeping in and not exercising. So he's turning into Michael Phelps and I'm turning into Jabba the Hutt. I think I'm getting the better end of the deal. Clearly.

5. Cate fell asleep at 8:00 last night. Then she woke up at 9:00. For the next three hours she was thirsty and hungry and not sleeping. She even asked me at one point if she could turn on her light and dance. And this is why I can't get up early to exercise every morning. Just because I need a better excuse than laziness.

6. I ate lunch with a new friend yesterday. Kind of like internet dating except we're both ladies and it wasn't a date. We paid for ourselves. I've been reading Evonne's blog for a while. She's funny and nice and not cheesy. I don't like cheesy. Fun fact about her: she used to work with Dan's sister. Small world. I had fun but was really nervous due to the fact that I'm a social weirdo. Go on over to her blog to see a picture of the three of us (Evonne, me and my extra chin).

* * *

Have a nice weekend! I'm sure I will. Cleaning toilets, vacuuming, folding laundry and making these. Guess which one I'm looking forward to the most.


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

you do not have a double chin, and we both know the 3rd person is the growing baby inside me. :)

can't wait to do it again!


Arlene (CK) said...

I think I'm jealous.