Wednesday, January 18, 2012

kids at play

* tea party *

No actual tea involved.
This one's a tea party picnic.
The conversation goes a little something like this:

her: What would you like?
me: tacos
her: We don't have tacos.
How about watermelon meat berry cake?
me: Ok. Watermelon meat berry cake.
her: What would you like?
me: Corn on the cob.
her: We don't have corn on the cob.
How about pepperoni cookie pie?
me: Ok. Pepperoni cookie pie.
her: What would you like?

Get the idea?
It goes on and on and on.

* babies in a line *

This one's easy:

Spread them all out.
Count them.
Don't clean up.

* ride the horsey *

Getting some good use out of that Halloween costume.

* Chutes and Ladders *

He'll play this one all night if you let him.
He's learning to not be utterly disappointed if he has to go down the chute.
It's a good lesson to learn.
Also learning that all he needs is a 1 on the first spin to take a big lead.

* movie time *

That turned over table is the movie screen.
Enjoying tea and popcorn with Big Baby during the show.

* the little people *

Stick the people in.
Spin it.
Laugh when they fall out.


Marisa said...

I love the movie screen!

Sigh. I wish I would have kept my old, antique, VINTAGE Little People. I love them.

Arlene (CK) said...

Love the on floor shots! I want to come play at yer house.