Saturday, October 22, 2011

ten things I learned at the pumpkin patch

1. In order to cram the maximum number of people on the tractor-pulled wagon ride, there's no place to sit. Well, there is a place to sit. It's called your bum. On the hay (or straw, I can never get those two straight). Not bales of hay. Just scattered hay. Hay bums. Straw bums. Those preschoolers, they just plop right down. Those old mamas, they have a harder time. Then they have to cross their legs so that all those kids and moms can get crammed on the wagon. Ug.

2. If there's an opportunity for my kids to fight about who gets to stand where for a picture, they'll take it. Every time. Especially if there's a line of people waiting to take their kids' pictures in front of the ginormous pumpkin photo op.

3. Little boys like to jump. Doesn't matter how high. Doesn't matter if their mom is getting tired of standing there watching them jump. They just like to jump. Over and over and over again.

4. The sandbox filled with corn is a lot more fun to play in without all those big kids jumping around and throwing corn. Also, expect to find stray kernels in random places when you get home.

5. Remember how they like to fight about where to stand for the pictures? Same thing goes for where to stick their heads for pictures.

6. Cate will totally be the one to ride all the fast roller coasters with me at Six Flags some day. Totally.

7. I'd enjoy the slide a lot more if I could ride the escalator to the top of the hill. After the third time I was done. Cate, on the other hand, was not. She's a real thrill seeker.

8. Now I know why moms try to send the dads on preschool field trips.

9. Remember how they like to fight about where to stand and where to stick their heads for pictures? Same thing goes for the horsey swings. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

10. If you wait until the end of your stay (that means when the kiddos are grumpy and you don't want the other moms staring at your grumpy kids anymore) to pick your pumpkins, they're going to be too tired to walk all the way over to the actual pumpkin patch to pick them out. They'll be happy to pick one from the pumpkin stand next to the exit instead. Don't be surprised when you get home and one of them asks when you're going to go to the real pumpkin patch though. Don't bother trying to explain to them that you just spent the past 3 hours at the real pumpkin patch. It won't work.


Becky Smith said...


I wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment at Smithellaneous and also tell you how much I've loved looking through your blog! Your children are just delightful and your photography is so crisp and clear--I love it! (I also love big size of your pictures.)

And the photo you posted for your mom's birthday? Until I read the caption, I thought you were posting a picture of some famous person back in the day. She is truly lovely.

SouthMainMuse said...

That looked like an awesome pumpkin patch. Much more so than the ones we have around here. And ditto the above comment. I had fun privilege of interviewing and writing story on '60s teen pop star Brenda Lee. At first glance, I thought your mom was Brenda. Too funny.