Thursday, August 25, 2011

chapter three: saturday is a special day

Saturday morning we were treated to a tour of my high school. Lots has changed there in 20 years. They've got a fancy new cafeteria now, complete with flat screen tv's on the walls. Why tv's in the cafeteria? I don't have a clue.

Kids were invited to this event and I'm thinking next time (if there is a next time) we'll just leave them home with Grama Bama. Have I mentioned yet that it's hot in Alabama in July? Well, it is. On top of that, it's humid. Oh, the humidity. I knew it would be humid but I guess I've just forgotten what it feels like. You know, like how you start sweating almost as soon as you walk outside. And how it takes twice as long to blow dry your hair. And by the time you're done blow drying it you wonder why you just spent all that time blowing hot air onto your head when your hair's just going to get wet again (with sweat this time) as soon as you walk out the door.

Well, it was hot Saturday morning for the high school tour. And it was humid. The kids were not happy. Tour means walk around and look at different buildings. Walk around in heat and humidity means grouchy, tired, sluggish, hold me! hold me! hold me! kids. Ok, so I was hot and tired and sluggish too but there was nobody around to hold me.

It was fun to be at my old school again though. Lots of good memories there. I was kind of sad that the band room was so different though. It's actually nothing like it was back in the olden days.

It was fun to see classmates again and meet their cute kids. Those two up there with my little lovelies belong to my long time friend, Rebecca. We met in second grade and have been friends ever since. They live in New Jersey now. I think we need to be planning a family vacation to the Jersey shore soon. Rebecca's son told Dan that he looks like a teenager by the way. I'm not sure if that's what teenagers look like in New Jersey or if he was just being very polite.

After the tour we went home for Quiet Time. It was much needed. I think Cate fell asleep. I can't remember now. I know I took Danny to the bookstore alone so I'm thinking she did. Dan probably did too. Grama Bama was at a work meeting so we stopped by to pick her up. Then she took us to the Sonic drive thru for our happy hour drinks.

I snapped this picture while we were stopped. That's a big orange tiger paw painted on the road. Pretty cool.

I walked around taking pictures of the house again when we got home. Here's a mud dauber's nest in the carport.

And my dad's lawn mower. Seriously.

Grandpa and Danny posing on the front lawn.

My darling Danny.

My darling Danny in the dogwood tree.

And some pretty orange trumpet creepers.

We took a little walk down our street. It was hot and muggy and I wasn't sure I'd make it but we trudged on. The house is at the top of a big hill. It was the perfect hill for riding bikes and roller skating when I was a kid. The only bad part was the getting back up.

I remember one time roller skating down and on the way back up I sat on the grass (actually on a spot of grass over on the left of this picture) to rest and wait for those slow poke sisters of mine. When I stood back up I learned that I was sitting in a pile of dog poo. I don't remember feeling it as I sat in it. Only as I stood up. I must have had a lot of padding on my bum even back then.

Look at all that green! I love it.

Cate had fun practicing her "tightrope" all the way down. That's what she calls it when she balances on the curb. She's actually gotten pretty good at it. I think it's time to sign her up for gymnastics.

Once we got to the bottom we had to walk back up the hill to the house. You can either turn around and go back the way you came or go up the busy road. Danny chose the busy road, much to my dismay. At least there's a sidewalk.

I found this cute house on the way up the hill. I'm pretty sure that whole area was just a big forest when I was a kid.

Cate decided she'd had enough and just plopped down on the grass. Oh, I love that face. The one that tells you that some kind of breakdown and/or freak out session is about to happen.

We made it to the top. Grama Bama's house is on the corner of the busy road and the road we walked down. This is a picture of my bus stop all through junior high. Right at the corner of my yard. Pretty convenient.

Dan and I got ready for the fancy reunion dinner at the country club and went outside for a few pictures. I made Danny and Cate pose for a few.

And then a few of Dan and me. I didn't once think to have my mom take a family picture though. Just me and Dan and then let's get to the party. Very rude. I know. Danny and Cate wanted in the picture anyway.

This is in no way a good picture of me (I should have blurred out my face...especially all my chins and that goofy smile) but look at those cute kids down in the corner. Seriously adorable. Look at those little faces. I just want to pinch those cheeks and then kiss them all over.

And then we sent Grama Bama and Grandpa off with the kids to eat and I made Dan pose for a silly picture with me. He's a good sport. And I have very kissable cheeks too.

Chapter two and Chapter one, in case you need a refresher since it's taking me so long to write these vacation posts.

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