Saturday, August 27, 2011

chapter four: dinner at the country club

{I realize this might be boring to most of you. All this blah blah blah about our summer vacation and enough already about my 20th high school reunion. I understand that. If that's you, skip this and wait for something way more interesting in the near future...but don't hold your breath. I'm not making any promises.}

That's me and Rebecca. We've been friends since second grade. We were in Girl Scouts together for ten years. Her mom was one of our troop leaders. Troop 91. I've spent the night at her house more times that I can even count. Besides my family, she's the person who's really known me the longest. I like having a friend like that. She's known for a long time how crazy, kooky and weird I am and she's wanted to be my friend anyway. Who could ask for anything more?

Remember this picture from our high school graduation? I like to think we've both aged quite gracefully.

This is Julie. I've known her since she showed up at church on her 12th birthday. We were roommates in college for many years. I hadn't seen Julie for 14 years. It was fun to be around her again. She always seems to laugh at my lame jokes. What a good friend. I really wanted to ask her if she thought I'd changed in the past 14 years. I know I have. Don't you just wonder that stuff when you see people that knew you way back when?

See the guy in the dark rimmed glasses? That's the guy people kept mistaking Dan for. I don't see it but oh, well.

After the big group shot of all the classmates, Dan took command and asked everyone to divide up into groups according to elementary schools. When I was a kid (and all the way past graduation too) there were only three elementary schools in town. So here's all the kids from Cary Woods Elementary School. I'm really glad Dan came up with that idea. It was a good one.

Dan and I posed for a few cheesy pictures. How could we resist?

Dinner was yummy. I ate way too many desserts. Key lime pie! Yum.

Lots of talking with friends.

Some laughing.

Watching the semi-inebriated crowd on the dance floor towards the end of the evening.

Listening to a totally non-inebriated husband of mine sing karaoke with one of my classmates. Dan sang the part of June Carter Cash. Samy sang Johnny's part. The song: "Jackson." Oh, it was a sight to behold.

It was a fun night. I'm so glad we went.

Here's what greeted us in the carport when we came home.

Camel crickets. Yuck. I remember these well.

They come out at night and you better make sure you turn on the light so you can see them or else it's pretty creepy and gross.

Look what else greeted us when we got home.

Oh, yes. My cell phone tells me I took this picture at 11:49 pm.

It's a good thing she's so cute.

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Hansen's blog said...

I'm famous! I made Cathy's blog! And the answer is yes, you have changed a little. You still look young and beautiful, but you seem happier, more outgoing, and more confident in who you are. Does that answer your question?