Wednesday, June 15, 2011

what's happening!!

We went to Cocolito's for lunch today. Cate's mad chips and salsa eating skills can put any grown man to shame (trust me, I watched her out eat her own daddy today).

When we came home it was Quiet Time. Not to be confused with Nap Time. Just Quiet Time (to trick the kids into taking a nap and not mentioning the dreaded n-a-p word).

Dan's been off school for a week. The first 3 days were spent at scout camp. Then came Sunday. On Monday he instigated Quiet Time. There's a new sheriff in town and he's laying down the law. Quiet Time for everyone. I think he did it because he wants a nap too. I don't care what his reasons though. Quiet Time is lovely. I'm kind of feeling like a lousy mom though since I let them get away with no Quiet Time for so long. It's ok. I'll get over it (probably during Quiet Time since now I have a moment during the day to think straight without little voices fighting with each other and asking me for things).

Dan's great, isn't he?

He is.

After Quiet Time I took the kids on a walk (as per Cate's request).

I left a little after that for church stuff. We're getting ready for Youth Conference. It's tomorrow and I'm going.

I'm doing my best to not worry about what will be going on here at home while I'm away until Saturday morning. I'm resisting the urge to write a big long list of stuff Dan should and should not do while I'm gone. Stuff he needs to remember. Stuff I'll worry about if I don't write it on a list for him. I did write 3 things on an index card and stuck it on the fridge. Just 3 though. If I had made the real list that's floating around in my head it would have been way more than 3.

I'm packed and ready. It will be fun. My kids will be fine. Dan will survive without me (way better than I did without him last weekend).

Grama Bama is coming Saturday night.

My birthday is Sunday. Aren't I so very lucky to get to share my one and only birthday with Dan's special day? So lucky. I'll give him until noon and then the rest of the day is all about me. Seems fair.

Monday I plan on making Cate's birthday cake. She's requested pink and purple polka dots.

She'll be 3 on Tuesday.

The rest of the week will be filled with parades and rodeos and being spoiled and waited on like the queen that I am because it'll still be my birthday week (and Cate's too but she doesn't know about birthday week yet so I'll just keep it for myself until she catches on).

And that's what's happening!!

p.s. Anybody remember the show What's Happening!!? Was I even old enough to watch that show? I don't know but I do remember Rerun.

p.p.s. Anybody want to buy me some Botox treatments for my birthday? Look at those forehead wrinkles. Yuck.


Ireland Family said...

What a fun week for you!
I made yummy marshmallow fondant for a cake I recently decorated. It would make great polka dots!

Cathy said...

I was thinking about making marshmallow fondant. I've never done it before. Want to send me your recipe?

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

How was YC? Why doesn't Grama Bama ever come to my house?

Chrisanne said...

Happy birthday on Sunday! I simply refuse to believe enough time has passed that Cate could be turning 3!