Monday, June 13, 2011

we survived

...but just barely.

Dan went camping with the scouts. He left Wednesday afternoon and came back Saturday afternoon. Almost 72 hours exactly.

We missed him.

We missed his whisker pie and his leg scissors.

We missed playing hide and go seek with him (mostly Cate missed that).

We missed having light saber battles with him.

We missed him at bedtime (like A LOT).

We just plain old missed him.

He missed lots of stuff too.

He missed multiple tantrums every day.

He missed cleaning up someone's poop from Danny's blanket (and it wasn't Danny's poop or my poop or Cate's poop).

He missed seeing me toss two of the cats outside after I discovered the poop.

He missed me finding Mama Cat in the attic where she had been hiding out for a week (why do my cats do dumb things?).

He missed our trip to the pool.

He missed dinner at Chick-fil-A.

He missed our trip to the park (that ended in a tantrum...go figure).

He missed lots of stuff.

Mostly, he missed us (at least I'm hoping we're what he missed the most).

We're glad he's back and I've told him he won't be going camping with the scouts again any time soon (at least not until Danny's old enough to go with him).

I'm not even kidding.


Dan said...

I missed you more than my bed, an air conditioned house, and a flushing toilet combined!

Cat Glazner said...

Wow! That means he REALLY missed you! =) aww...cute!