Thursday, June 30, 2011

treasures in the shed

I did a little cleaning in the shed yesterday. Look what I found. A hanging scale. Where does it want to be? What does one do with an old hanging scale these days? For now it'll just hang out right there.

I found this sprinkler contraption. I thought it was some kind of toy tractor at first. I guess you're supposed to hook it onto your hose and the water makes it move along the hose. I don't quite understand the reasoning behind that. Maybe I'll have to hook it up and see what it can do.

I like this old Rain Bird sprinkler head. Cate does too. I hooked it up to the hose and turned on the water and she oooohed and ahhhhhed (and squealed a little too). The middle part shoots the water way up in the air. The spinny things on the side shoot the water sideways. I remember when my grandma used it. I like green. I wonder what the numbers are for. I'll be experimenting with this one.

I found this 8 quart milk can (at least I think it's a milk can...I could be wrong). It's cute. I don't have a clue what to do with it but I like it.

I love this sprinkler head. Looks like my grandma was quite the collector of sprinkler apparatus. This one hooks on and makes a lovely shower to water the flowers. I'll be using this one for sure.

This little cabinet was in the back corner and covered with spider webs and dust and dirt and who knows what else. I dragged it out (it's pretty heavy for being so small...or I'm just a wimp) and sprayed it off. Inside the drawers I found three contraptions that go on your fishing rod (I have no idea what those are called) and a bunch of stuff for painting. Lots of old paint sticks, an old spatula covered in dry paint (I wonder if Grandpa got in trouble with Grandma for using her spatula to stir the paint) and some old rollers. When I touched that one on the end the old foam stuff just crumbled off on my fingers.

So here's the lovely back porch scene I created once all dust and spider webs were removed. I found the flower pot in the shed too and just planted some flowers I picked up at Walmart. The watering can is Grandma's too. The chairs are probably from Walmart too, just a few years ago.

I'm itching to paint that cabinet now. It needs a few new handles too. I don't really know what color it wants to be though. Any ideas?

For now it's sitting happily on the back porch just waiting for me to make a decision.

I hope it's patient.

p.s. Remember the other stuff I found in the garage that's waiting to get spiffed up? It's all still waiting. I've done nothing.


Bronco P3t3 said...

i like you back "pork" scene, too!(Very Patriotic) Looks like you have some nice treasures. I wonder what my grandkids will find when they look through my shed?

Happy 4th of July!

Marisa said...

You lucky duck! Look at all that cool stuff.
1) Hanging scale. I want one. Yours is probably not kid-friendly enough to let them play with it, but wouldn't kids have FUN with something like that?
2) I bet the numbers on the rainbird are for a timer.
3) Jealous of your milk can. I've been searching for a tall one for years. I would leave it as is or put flowers/branches/whatever in it.
4) You said you liked green. . . how about painting the cabinet green? I like the green of that watering can. Is your door green? I can't tell from the picture. With the red and blue chairs, you could have kind of a poppy, rainbow, retro thing going on the front porch.

Katie said...

Your shed had some AWESOME treasures in it! Reminds me a lot of how our garage was last fall when we moved to this house. We of course, found 2 boxes of mint condition Playboy magazines from the 60's and 70's. Lol!

Cathy said...

A back pork! Ha! I fixed it. Good eye, Pete! Oink oink!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

So jealous! I can't believe I didn't know you had treasures and that it has taken you this long to find them! I mean, the past year and now. I would have been digging in there and paying you for stuff 10 years ago!

I love your porchscape. :) Are there any little wooden school chairs hiding around your property?

Cathy said...

I don't know if I have wooden school chairs. I'll have to check the attic. That'll be another blog post.