Tuesday, June 7, 2011

messy me

The little artists went to their first Messy Me class this afternoon.

We took a little drive to find the teacher's house last week. Dan was with us. I tried to pay attention because I knew I'd have to find it all by myself today. I am pleased to report that I didn't get lost and only got a little nervous right before the last turn because I'd forgotten about that last turn and things were not looking like I remembered them. We found it though. Who needs GPS? Not me.

We walked down the stairs of Miss Kristi's house and into her basement. She has a room all set up for preschool and Messy Me stuff (complete with a toy kitchen that Cate reported Miss Kristi wouldn't let her play with).

Cate went right in. Danny, not so much. He tried to go back up the stairs but I picked him up and let him sit on my lap for a bit. He said it was boring. Everything is boring to him.

He watched the kids painting with various items (cookie cutters, spongy paint brushes, regular paint brushes, paint brushes with a bunch of rubber bands on the top). What got him to put on an apron and join the kids was the potato masher. Painting with a potato masher is not boring.

After a few minutes I went upstairs and sat on the couch to wait. When the hour was up I went back downstairs. While I was gone they had painted wooden snakes, decorated the front of a book with blank pages and stuck foam stickers all over a foam door hanger thingee. It was quite a stash to get out to the car since most of the painted stuff was still wet.

As soon as we got outside Danny had to go to the bathroom so we snuck back inside to take care of business. As we walked out the door Danny proclaimed, "That was amazing!" Not sure if he was talking about the potty break or the art class though.

I loaded up the car with two cranky kids and headed home.

A nice way to use up some of our afternoon.

And I didn't have to be the one supervising the mess.