Sunday, May 1, 2011

it's the little things

...that drive me crazy.

Like when a certain little girl tries to pick off all the sprinkles from her animal cookies.
And then walks away leaving a mess of sprinkles on the counter.
I walked away too.
Somebody cleaned it up though.
It just wasn't me.
I don't love messes.

...that remind me that I love spring.

Like the blossoms on the trees lining the drive through mailboxes at the post office.
I pointed them out to Cate last week and she was in awe.
I realized this is the first time in her life she's known that flowers grow on trees in the spring.
Sure they were there last year and the year before that.
She was just too little to notice and appreciate them.
Sometimes I drive through even when I don't have anything to mail.
I love spring.

...that make my tummy happy.

And add a little bit of protein to my frozen banana bites.
I love a happy tummy.
(I'd love it even more if it were flatter but whatever.)

...that make me laugh.

Like when Cate names her stuffed animals and babies.
Her current baby of choice is named Gordon.
So is our neighbor's cat.
She named these stuffed animals and wanted me to take their picture.
The dog is Kicka and the rhino (in the princess chair) is Pissa.
I love silly kids that make up silly names.

...that make me wonder why I have to try to make everything better.

Like when I made these carrot cake cheesecake bars for dessert last night.
And then I couldn't just be satisfied with a blob of frosting on top like the originals.
I had to messy up bowls and spoons and frosting tips just to make mine have frosting carrots on top.
What's wrong with me?
I love cream cheese frosting.

...that make me wonder some more.

Will she ever come up with a different silly face?
If she keeps stretching her mouth like that will it eventually just stick?
Will she ever find a good man to love her if her face is all stretched out?
Should I stop telling her to make a silly face for pictures?
Will Danny ever let me wash that puppy of his?
Is he going to move away for college with a stinky dirty puppy?
I love those crazy kids of mine.

...that make me happy.

Like a good man who poses for goofy kissy pictures with me.
You know your man's a keeper when he'll pose for goofy kissy pictures with you.
And then not get mad when you post them on your blog.
I love my good man and his goofy pictures.

It's the little things.

{This post was a bit cheesy for my taste. I'll blame it on Sunday night. It brings out the cheese in me.}


danielle @ take heart said...

carrot caaaaaake. mmmmm :)

Joy McMillan said...

Gotta love a man who will do that. Tis value, right there!