Thursday, April 21, 2011

vintage must haves

I went on a bit of a scanning spree yesterday afternoon. The kids were happily watching Tangled (for the nine billionth time) and the dishes were done so I hung out in my room looking through Grandma's old pictures.

I came to the conclusion that they had some pretty neat stuff back in the day. Maybe that's why it's all the rage to go to thrift stores, label your finds as vintage (even if they were sunglasses from the 1980's) and show off to your friends that you found some old lady's dress and it's so very in fashion this season (I guess so, if you enjoy looking like your grandma).

So here's the vintage must haves from Grandma's pictures.

Wicker baby buggy: (the picture at the top) That's my dad. I think Baby Raymond looks like him. I think I want that buggy. I don't think it's up in the attic still but I wish it was.

Push along bike: I'm not sure what the real name is but I've seen the plastic version out there these days. Sure wish I could have told Grandma to save that for my kids.

Another picture of the same bike. I love my dad's curls in this picture.

Double lamp: I'm assuming there's a light bulb under that big shade and another one in the side. I think my dad would love to have this lamp in his bedroom right now. He loves a good reading lamp.

Couch with fringe on the bottom: How could you not love a couch with a row of fringe on the bottom? I have no idea. Look at my big dad and his tiny baby brother. That's vintage cuteness right there.

Matching wooden high chairs: My dad is the baby on the right. Look at those little trays that pull out for their feet to rest on. Adorable.

Radio Flyer wagon: To drag around the neighborhood kids.

A tricycle with a big front wheel: To ride on with your buddy. Any locals might recognize that little kid in the front. It's Merrill.

That was fun. I just wish I had found these pictures when Grandma was still around so I could ask her where all these treasures were hiding.

Maybe it's time to clean out the attic and see what else I can find.


Glenora said...

Oh my goodness! Raymond does have some of the look of your father. Check out that attic. Maybe treasures are hiding.

Glenora said...

The last picture could make me cry! Look at the barn and chicken coops!

Ireland Family said...

We still have one of those wicker buggies at my mom's is pretty cool!

Bronco P3t3 said...

I love your Dad's boots in the picture w/ the fringe couch. Reminds me of my Dr. Marten boots. The mission boots wore out, but I got a new pair a few years ago. I polish them up and they look good with a suit!

colds1 said...

It wouldn't be hard to attach some fringe like that to your couch. Could be fun ... think about it!

Judy said...

Oh my gosh! Raymond totally looks like dad in that first one! Great stuff.