Sunday, February 13, 2011

ten things about which one should not blog

1. the way your 2-year-old rolls up her Big Baby's "dirty" diapers (and if you do blog about it, please don't take a picture of the diaper...people will click over to your post and see a picture of a rolled up diaper and think you're going to be blogging about dirty diapers and that's just not cool)

2. what's under the couch cushions (unless it's something pretty awesome, like gold coins or a new car)

3. what's inside your daughter's mouth (specifically what her swollen tonsils look like)

4. what you found under the chair while vacuuming and actually considered eating (but didn' the time)

5. what your retainer looks like after months of not wearing it (or keeping it clean in its little retainer container)

6. dryer lint (because dryer lint is just plain boring)

7. how you hate it when the dishtowel hanging on the oven door handle is crooked (because it's always crooked and you really should just shut up about it and stop hanging it on there if you don't like it being crooked so much)

8. the fact that you haven't been to the gym all week because of sick kids and you're starting to feel fat (because nobody wants to hear you complaining)

9. how your dad (a professor of entomology) was awarded emeritus status last week (because he's humble and doesn't like to brag about stuff and doesn't like it when people make a big fuss about how wonderful and smart he is)

10. puke, boogers and poop

Just kidding about that last one. Everybody knows that puke, boogers and poop make the best blog posts.

Remember this one?

Just click on it. It's one of my favorites.


Glenora said...

Your favorite picture of Cate belongs in her senior yearbook under 'remember when'.

colds1 said...

Dryer lint boring? Check out all the cool uses for it

hee hee

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

What did you eat from under the chair! You are one of the few people that can make all those things funny and readable.

Chrisanne said...

Oh Cathy, a regular dose of your humor keeps life fun :) Thanks for being willing to share it!