Tuesday, February 15, 2011

stuff I loved on I love you day

slept in until 8:00

delivered goodie bags to a few neighbors

after a little trip to Costco with the kidlets

whilst Dan washed the dishes
(because he had the day off work and he's such a good little helper)

bought strawberries at Costco
(nice big ones...means spring is almost here!)

played the medicine game with Cate, Danny and Dan

Have you ever played the medicine game?
It's a fun one.
(more fun than not playing the medicine game and having a little girl crying and spitting medicine all over her pajamas)

I fill up a syringe for Cate with her real medicine.
Fill up two more with grape flavored water for Dan and Danny.
Take turns having medicine (or fake medicine) squeezed into your mouth.

Wasn't that fun?
Good job, Daddy!
Wow! You did it!
You're so awesome!

No more spitting out medicine because now it's a fun game.
Fun, fun, fun.

I give all credit of the invention of the medicine game to my clever husband.

received a few books from a kind neighbor as a Valentine treat for the kids
(books she read to her kids when they were little)

received some tasty cake balls from a good soul who is out to fatten me up
(it will work...I ate them all and did not share)

ate lunch at Cocolito's

food I love with the people I love

While Danny was eating the chips and salsa he said,

"Mmmmmmm. I sure wuv a nice wunch!"

received a new cupcake carrier from Dan
(he wasn't actually there when I picked it out and bought it but it was from him anyway)

This one holds 36.
My other one holds 18.

Now I'm all set in case anyone needs me to bring 54 cupcakes to a party.

Other stuff I loved but not pictured:

Danny called me madam several times.
both kids napped (most of it was in the car but every bit helps)
opened a few windows in the house for some fresh air
raked more leaves in the back yard (without a coat on)
Cate played in the sandbox (without a coat on)
bought Dan some new underwear for his Valentine's gift (so thoughtful, I know)
went to the gym (and I wasn't the only one there)

* * * *

I'll just add one thing Dan probably did not love about I love you day yesterday.

I got in the shower while Cate was still in bed.
When I got out of the shower, I learned that Cate had removed her night time pull-up all by herself.
She's a big girl now, you know.
She does that kind of thing regularly.

Let's just say I loved that I didn't have to clean up any of the aftermath.
Dan did.

And that's just one more reason why I love him so.


Glenora said...

Love the new (old) books - .19 - what a price!

Ella said...

You discovered my plan! Muhuhaha!

Dan said...

I also wuv a nice wunch at Cocolitos!
I wondered where those cake balls went.
The medicine game works wonderfully. I'm a genius! Or maybe her new medicine just tastes better.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I'm glad you had a loverly day!

Sheesh. I looked at cupcake holders at the store after seeing yours. I would only need them to keep ours fresh - is that a good enough reason to buy one? Where did "Dan" get it?

Cathy said...

Dan got the cupcake carrier at good ol' Costco.