Friday, February 4, 2011

sickness and haircuts

Cate woke up sick yesterday.
I dragged her to my hair appointment anyway.
It was just next door.
The doctor said the cold air is good for her.
(I haven't taken her to the doctor yet. I'm just remembering from last month.
Pretty sure it's The Croup again.)

Danny got his hair cut first.
It's short and I like it.
He's a handsome kid.
No picture though.
You'll have to take my word for it.

Cate insisted that I go next.
Angie applied my color.
While we waited for the magic to happen it was Cate's turn.

She was an angel.
Sure, she did a lot of coughing and had to wear a rubber floor mat on her shoulders.
But she was an angel.

Look at that ruffled bum.

While Angie finished up with me, she put Danny to work.
He seemed to enjoy it.
That's a first.

When my turn was done we went home.
Oh, but not before Cate coughed so hard she puked on Angie's chair.
Angie received a very generous tip for the haircuts.
Good thing we've been neighbors for over 10 years so I didn't have to be too terribly embarrassed.

Cate continued those shenanigans throughout the day.
Three more times to be exact.

It's no fun having sick kids.
But at least my gray hairs are covered in brown again.
That's something to be happy about.

And it's Friday.

Look at me being optimistic in the face of hardship.
I'm so very inspirational aren't I?


Glenora said...

And just why is my grand-daughter wearing a rubber floor mat?

Eva Marie said...

how sweet is your girl

and LOL at the floor mat!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I adore that first picture.

I also can't stop laughing at Glenora's comment.

Candis Ellis said...

So cute--love that Danny was 'put to work.'

Cat Glazner said...

I want to see YOUR hair! =) I'm sorry your kiddios are sick. Thats no fun especially for the mom.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Was the floor mat in case she puked? Hopefully it was on the floor when she did. Look how cute Danny's hair is! Cate's, too.

Amy said...

you must explain the floor mat...

Amy said...

I'm a new follower and greatly enjoying your writing!! I got a little laugh about the floor mat too. . .

Cathy said...

Ok, people. I have no idea what that thing is really for around her neck. I don't think it's a floor mat. It just looks like one to me. Maybe it's just easier for kids to have on when their hair is getting cut because it's heavy. No clue. I shall ask Angie and then report back.