Thursday, December 16, 2010

to do list: star wars snowflakes

A friend of mine sent me a link to these Star Wars snowflakes (Hi, Debra!). It's good to have friends who are looking out for ways to feed my son's obsessions. She even let me borrow her exacto knife because mine is nowhere to be found. Some of the cuts aren't from the side so scissors just won't cut it (hee hee).

Here's the problem. I can't figure out how to fold the paper. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've tried 3 times but the directions are just not helping me. I know Dan would help me but he hasn't been around much. Work work work work work.

So my poor little Danny is left with a mommy who can't fold paper and cut out a template. Well, I probably could cut out the template but I'm not sure what size it's supposed to be. Maybe it's in the directions somewhere. I don't know.

I'm throwing up my hands for now and giving up. The Star Wars snowflakes are being added to the to do list. I have all winter to make them. For now, I'll just show them to Danny online and let him keep on bugging his daddy to make them for him. (You're welcome, Dan.)

Look at Darth Vader with the Galactic Empire logo in the middle. How clever.

Speaking of Star Wars stuff, take a look at these finger puppets I found. Holy moly, they're adorable! I would get them for Danny but I'm not sure he'd appreciate their cuteness. He'd try to make them fight each other and then who knows what would happen. I can just see them unraveling right before my very eyes.

Plus, I can't figure out who all the characters are supposed to be. Who's that tan guy next to Han Solo? I'm not sure if I love Yoda as a finger puppet, but Darth Vader has never been cuter.

Wouldn't it be great if someone turned them into gloves? Just remove that mystery tan guy and stick the Stormtrooper (or Clone Trooper?) in his place. Knit the missing glove part and there you go. Dang, I wish I was crafty.

p.s. Danny saw the snowflakes as I was writing this. I asked him who the guys were. Clone Trooper. Boba Fett. Darth Vader. He got them all right. That's my boy.


carmen said...

These look so cool! you must post your success story when you get them down.

HelenClyde said...

Wow! When you figured out how to make these snowflakes, let us know, okay? They would be such a great treat for my husband!

Zipdinger said...

...not sure which tan guy was a mystery, but I'm pretty sure the thumb one is Jabba the hut, and the ring finger is Chewbacca...but, yeah they'd make super cool gloves! It's so funny that Danny is so obsessed with Star Wars! He's too little for obsessions, isn't he?!!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Wow. I didn't even see the faces for a long time, so I had no idea why there were Star Wars Snowflakes.